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Fakebit / Chiptune Music For Games

I have a bunch of fakebit/chiptune songs on OpenGameArt and itch.io.

All of these songs are CC0 License ( http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ ) and free to use for whatever you want.

These songs were made with a variety of virtual instruments. Some C-64 SID chip emulation, some Sega Genesis (Yamaha) FM-synth chip emulation, some NES Waveform synth imitations, some bitcrushed drum machine samples. Nothing pure or accurate, and not “true” chiptunes at all. I prefer the term Fakebit but it’s a less popular term.

I made some crazy music videos of some of these songs and will add more as I make them. Check them out on my YouTube Channel.

Credit is appreciated but not required.

Cover art is derivative of PlatToon by surtGothicvania Church Pack by ansimuz and Various Creatures by GrafxKid, all CC0.